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GeoSHARING   Analysing Geo-social Media using Geospatial Machine Learning to Support Humanitarian Decision-making     B Background User-generated geo-data from sources like social media, micro blogs, or mobile networks carry valuable information (spatial, temporal, semantic), which is able to support decision-making in humanitarian action. However, these data are methodologically challenging to analyse because of various [...]


Spatio-temporal Epidemiology

Spatio-temporal epidemiology of emerging viruses   Leveraging crowdsourced data and occurrence data to improve early disease detection systems     B Background The field of Spatial Epidemiology has emerged based on the broad agreement that maps for infectious diseases of global importance are important for addressing the transmission potential, limits of transmission and underlying risk [...]

Spatio-temporal Epidemiology2021-03-08T09:23:26+01:00

MINKT Stories Lungau

  A sharing platform for nature and culture objects built by teens in Lungau   B Background While the central region of Salzburg has a wide range of extracurricular STEM education programs, the programs in the district of Tamsweg are more sparse and have little reference to the regional context due to their supraregional orientation. [...]

MINKT Stories Lungau2021-09-17T11:47:16+02:00

Science Communication – Human Sensors

Science Communication - Human Sensors   How user-generated data can be used for citizen-centric urban planning     B Background Participatory, citizen-centered planning processes are a necessary, but still less acknowledged approach in the development of urban and spatial planning. The proactive involvement of citizens, coupled with the latest technological processes, in these planning activities [...]

Science Communication – Human Sensors2021-07-22T15:13:39+02:00


  integrated Digital Earth Applications and Science lab     B Background The iDEAS:lab is an interactive laboratory for research-based learning at all levels, geoinformatics experiments and the general public. Equipped with innovative Digital Earth technologies, the focus is on the interface between real and virtual worlds. The iDEAS:lab offers modules that make Digital Earth [...]



    B Background Women and men still differ greatly in their in their employment biographies and in their choice of occupational occupational fields: STEM-related training paths and especially branches with technical and digital content are still chosen by a majority of male candidates. This situation is due to the persistent existence of traditional role [...]

MINKT DIGITAL2021-09-16T15:50:17+02:00


MINT:labs MINT:labs for the Science City Itzling   B Background In recent years, Science City Itzling has developed into a nationally recognized location in the fields of chemistry, physics, materials research, computer science, human-computer interaction, data science and geoinformatics, with strengths both in basic research and in applications. The aggregation of important institutions from university [...]


Urban Spaces

Provide a theoretical foundation for the first law of geography through proximity-similarity relationships, and quantify neighbourhood boundaries and of hierarchical relationships between intra-urban neighbourhoods

Urban Spaces2021-03-01T12:27:22+01:00
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