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COVID-19 - Spatial and Temporal Epidemiology   Geo-social Media Analytics for Monitoring the Spatio-temporal Spread of COVID-19     B Background The epidemiology of airborne infectious diseases such as the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 is an inherently spatiotemporal phenomenon. Moving through time and space, a disease can be tracked by interpreting geographical data such as medical incidence [...]


AIFER – Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Response

AIFER - Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Response   Artificial intelligence for analysis and fusion of remote sensing and internet data for decision support in emergency management     B Background Disaster events and major damage situations such as floods, forest fires, extreme snow conditions or storms are increasingly presenting disaster control with major challenges in [...]

AIFER – Artificial Intelligence for Emergency Response2021-03-01T11:57:11+01:00

Twitter Geo-Epidemiological Feasibility Study

Twitter Geo-Epidemiological Feasibility Study   Improving epidemiological models by adding spatial and semantic information derived from social media data     M Methods Extracting Twitter posts that mention influenza, yellow fever, cholera, Ebola, and other diseases for 12 countries in Africa. Creating basic statistics like the number of tweets per capita per week per country [...]

Twitter Geo-Epidemiological Feasibility Study2021-03-01T12:12:52+01:00
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